Running a Strata

I (this is Darin!) recently (Jan 2016) stepped into the role of president for the strata that oversees our neighborhood (for everyone outside of BC, think Condo or Homeowner Association).

–>  Copperfield Village (website is dated but functional!)

Our previous president, Cindy, had done a great job keeping 50 homeowners satisfied over the course of several years.  She’d grown tired of the role, and opted to let new leadership come on, which included myself, and several other new board positions.


I had been leery of committing to the role for some time – when previously nominated, I had politely refused.  Juggling a startup, kids + marriage, cub scouts, coaching baseball and strata is a bit too much I thought.  I value my sanity.

But… I really, sincerely wanted to push Trackmeet forward.  I felt strongly that it could ultimately help our neighborhood AND we could iterate the software with the council’s help.  So, after chatting to Tonya (my wife and primary support network!), we decided it was worth the additional time commitment.

And so here I am.

Look for updates on this soon.  While staying this side of sane.