Trackmeet April Updates

We’ve heard from our users and there’s been a unanimous chorus to “tell us what you’ve been working on!”

So, here goes…

We’ve been heads down working on stuff everyone’s asked for.  These include:

  • Agenda templates.
    • This is our first visual take on “canned” templates you can use to build meetings from.  In time, we’ll expand this list and include the ability for you to create your own!


  • Meeting Summary.
    • We’ve built the first iteration of a summary that appears when you finish your meeting.  It gives you a nice sense of what you’ve accomplished.  Later enhancements here will include the ability to “do” something with all the content you’ve created (copy, export to DOCX, push to integration, etc.)


  • Decisions
    • Previous versions of Trackmeet didn’t include a “Decision” type.  Based on feedback, we’ve added it!  The thinking here is that you can explicitly identify a decision you intend to make in the meeting, and then answer it.  Once your meeting completes, you can view/export all the decisions you’ve made.


  • Mobile
    • Trackmeet is fully responsive now and will work on any device, using any modern browser!

We’re actively working away and hope to introduce our first integrations shortly (think Evernote, Slack, Google Docs, etc.), calendaring via Google Calendar or Outlook 365 and a whole slew of new stuff!