Fun with our team photo shoot

We’ve updated our website recently, and realized we needed profile pictures for the team.  What better way to have some fun than do a track and field style shoot with Trackmeet?

I reached out to my kids’ school to see if they’d mind if I borrowed some of their athletics gear.  “No problem!”, replied Gabe Kremler, Director of Athletics.  “What do you need?”  A day and a trip to the gym later, we were ready for a trackmeet.  Er, Trackmeet.

The weather cooperated and we were able to get some great shots out on the patio and in our meeting room.  Overall, we were super psyched with how everything turned out.  Look for these on our website!

The full shoot is available here for the curious:

Here are our favorites:


Pay attention! (Yes, that’s a javelin)



I got this.



Candy Crush, yeah!



Think, fast!



Gioele’s true calling is clearly as a tablet-toting hurdler.



Bicep curls.  Weight?  1 Noah

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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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