Meeting Profile: Product Team Brainstorm

This is the first in a series of posts we’re going to be doing around Trackmeet meeting inspiration.  What does that mean?

If there’s one thing that’s clear to us after speaking to hundreds of you on the phone and in person, there are LOTS of different types and styles of meeting out there.  Long ones, short ones, virtual ones, formal ones, yada yada yada.  The thing is, there are very few resources (if any) around structuring your particular meeting.  That’s where meeting inspiration comes in.

Our first inspirational meeting is the weekly product brainstorming meeting held at Latitude Geographics.

This is a weekly meeting that involves all of the senior product managers, dev leads, QA lead and CTO.  It’s lead by Drew Millen, Director of Products (that’s Drew below).


The purpose of the meeting is to brainstorm and share ideas around the overall direction and strategy for Latitude’s product offerings.

Drew uses Trackmeet to create a shared agenda for the meeting, which sources all of the topics from across the development team.  The 10 attendees are free to add topics during the course of the week.


“As an early Trackmeet user, the whole collaboration idea really struck me as a great match for how we run our weekly product brainstorm” quips Drew.

“Previously, I’d ask for input via email and send out an agenda just prior to the meeting. Using Trackmeet, everyone can add their thoughts and attachments whenever they want, and they can review all the topics everyone else had added.”

Drew’s team also used an early experimental feature (coming soon!) that allowed them to capture meeting audio and synchronize it to the meeting for later playback.

“The audio capture in Trackmeet is pretty cool.  One of our product managers is in the Netherlands, so he reviews our meetings using Trackmeet to come up to speed” he adds.

In addition, Trackmeet serves as a repository for meeting content that can be reviewed and searched later.

“The thing with our meetings is that previously, we had notes, agendas and tasks strewn across different systems.  Finding everything was messy.  Trackmeet puts everything in one place – one system.”




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