Google Calendar and Office 365

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here: Trackmeet integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365!


You can pop open a day view on the left and add a Trackmeet agenda to your existing meetings! What’s more is that Trackmeet is fully synchronized with your calendar – add a meeting in Trackmeet and we’ll turn around and push it to your Google or Office 365 calendar.

Haven’t connected your calendar yet? Login and go to “Settings” and then “Integrations” to do so. (If you originally signed up with Google, you’ll see your calendar as soon as you login!)

Speaking of integrations, we’ve added an “Integrations” page under Settings to make it waaay easier to turn all of your integrations on and off (we’ll be adding more to this list soon):


In addition, we’ve added a getting started guide for new Trackmeet users. It’s perfect if you’re getting going and need to learn a few quick pointers. In addition, we’ve included a section dedicated to best practices we’ve picked up watching hundreds of people run meeting over the last few years.


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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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