July Enhancements

We’ve been working away for the past few weeks assembling what may be one of the largest releases we’ve done in recent memory. ūüôā

Here’s a full break down of all the love we’ve poured into Trackmeet in July.

Custom Meeting Templates

Yes, you can now build your own templates. Add topics, include attendees, define owners and even add content.


When you go to create a Trackmeet meeting, we’ll pop up your templates to choose from.

Access templates via the hamburger menu.


New “System” Templates

Count ’em. We’ve added 20 new system templates to the template directory.


All of these are accessible when you go to create your meetings – just click on the “More” link to show them (just like Google Docs).


See any that we’re missing? Let us know.

“No Agenda” Template

We’ve updated the blank agenda template to, uh, really be… blank. Which means, no agenda.


You can add everything¬†else – notes, action items, attachments and decisions. Perfect for meetings that don’t need as much structure.

Daily Preparation Email

We’ve added an email that summarizes all of your daily meetings (as read from your calendar, if you’ve connected it)¬†that we deliver to you each morning. The email gives you a quick summary of your day, and lets you jump right into Trackmeet to start meeting preparation.


If you click on¬†the “Open” button and¬†someone else has created an agenda already, we’ll open it up for you. If you’re the first to access the Trackmeet meeting, we’ll prompt you to create an agenda.

Don’t like the email?¬†Turn it off via Settings.

User Roles are self-administered

Another much requested enhancement is the ability for attendees to self-assign roles.

In this latest release, all meeting attendees¬†are assigned the “Editor” role by default, which means everyone can edit the agenda. In addition, if an attendee wants¬†to run the meeting, they can assign themselves the “Facilitator” role, which enables¬†meeting controls¬†(only visible to them and the organizer).

Attendees can create agendas

Related to permissions, lots of users wanted the ability for any attendee¬†to create a Trackmeet meeting… so we did.

Even if you didn’t organize the underlying meeting in question, if you’re logged into Trackmeet, you can create a meeting agenda for it.

Integrated help

We’ve optimized the help experience to show you help content within the application itself.


You can browse, search or submit a help ticket directly from within the app without having to switch tabs – handy!

Access help via the hamburger menu.


One-Click Video Conferencing

Finally, we’ve integrated with Appear.In¬†to offer you one-click, no-account-required video conferencing.

It just works.

Tap on the video icon at the top of your agenda to launch.


What are we missing? Contact us to tell us what you’d like to see added to Trackmeet.

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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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