Jumpstart your meetings with agenda templates

We hear you loud and clear.

If there’s one thing that people like about Trackmeet, its agenda templates.

So we added some. Twenty to be exact.

Taking a cue from Google Docs and Microsoft Office templates, we’ve endeavored to add as many sample agendas as possible to give you, our users, a head start when building your meetings. Select an agenda and GO!

Don’t like what we’ve got to offer? No problem! Build your own.

Here’s a full rundown of all the new templates we’ve included in Trackmeet…

General Business Meetings

Staff Meeting – Great starting point for that weekly update meeting with your team. Collaborate and get staff to build the agenda with you by adding their own topics and content.

Management Team – Trackmeet is well suited for capturing status and ensuring your management update meeting runs like clockwork. Have managers/VPs own a topic and provide a description/attach a summary of their week.

One to One – Track tasks and take notes from your manager-direct report 1:1s. Get direct reports to assemble an agenda in advance and then go through their topics together. Send a summary once complete.

Project Management

Project Kickoff – Set the tone and expectations around your project meetings right from the start

Project Planning – Use Trackmeet to manage meetings throughout the project lifecycle

Project Review – Another variation for project tracking

Project Summary – At the conclusion of your project, summarize everything and circle back to identify outcomes and learnings

Board Meetings

Formal Board Meeting – Formal topics for the most common board of directors meeting topics and tasks

Simple Board Meeting – Simple template for non-profit, community and smaller board of director meetings

Startup Board Meeting – Very specific set of topics that startup boards commonly follow when planning a board meeting with investors and stakeholders

PTA Board Meeting – Great starting point for Parent-Teacher Association meetings

Committee Meeting – A common set of topics and content for committee meetings

Human Resources Meetings

New Employee Orientation – Review everything new hires should know. Attach supporting documentation and take notes or action items.

Benefits Overview – Dedicate a specific meeting to go over company benefits. Attach forms and supporting information.

Exit Interview – Cover off the key elements when people leave your organization.


No Agenda – Just want to take notes or assign tasks? No problem.

HOA Council Meeting – Use this handy template to organize your HOA meeting, capture meeting minutes and assign action items for later followup.

Standard Order of Business – This is the classic set of topics as described by “Roberts Rules”.

Cross Functional Weekly Update – Meeting across teams? Use this template to facilitate discussion and content capture.

Strategic Planning Meeting – It can be super handy to have structure and a centralized workspace for your next strategy meeting. Collect thoughts, attachments and tasks for later distribution.


Something missing? Let us know and we’ll add it.

Jump into Trackmeet right now to start using these. Don’t have a free account yet? Sign up here.




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