The Twitterverse and Meetings

People on Twitter have a special relationship with meetings.

Call it… unusual.

Maybe a little weird.

We sense a lot of love, a lot of hate, and a lot of… well, we’re not really sure.

So here you go internet, here’s our contribution to the state of meetings in the Twitterverse: a curated list of the most interesting, crazy, silly, shocking tweets we could dig up on business meetings.


My sense is that meetings in the Republic are pretty structured. Poor Vader.

These are our kind of meetings. No mention of agendas though…

Disappointing because we never got an invite.

Hard to beat this meeting location. How does one take notes or action items?

What is it with Darth Vader and meetings? I can see him being an awesome board chair.

Has anyone tried the yoga meeting yet? Did it work?

Whoever holds this cup is permitted to speak in the meeting.

The good thing about office cats is that they can be assigned all the action items!

This meeting watch is actually pretty cool. Would love to know where its from.

This literally made me laugh out loud – a CIA field guide for subverting meetings. Wow.

Checked that off our list of office must-haves.

If only this weren’t true. *Sigh*

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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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