October Product News

Fall has gripped the Pacific Northwest, where the winds have snatched the last remnants of leaves from the deciduous trees that dot our otherwise emerald landscape.

We’ve been busy optimizing Trackmeet this past month before we jump into some major additions to the platform later this fall! Feast your eyes on the improvements we’ve made to your Trackmeet experience.

Private Notes

Just like a notebook, you probably want to take notes in a meeting that remain visible only to yourself. Say hello to private notes.


Using the lock icon located at the top right of your note area, you can toggle any note you add between public and private. In “private” mode, the notes you write are visible to you alone. In “public” mode, they’re visible to everyone in the meeting.

This allows you to write (and export) private notes for yourself while at the same time writing public notes that may be visible to everyone in your meeting (like minutes).

Recurring meeting navigation

See those arrows that appear on either side of your recurring meeting? These buttons allow you to navigate between meetings in a recurring series.


This feature comes in super handy when you need to refer back to what was discussed in your last meeting OR to jump to your next meeting to start planning it!

Use this feature in conjunction with…

Copy last agenda

Do you have a series of meetings that seem to have the same agenda every time?

Lots of you do. And you’ve told us.

Being the polite Canadians we are, we listened. And built the “copy last agenda” tool.


When you navigate to a given meeting in a series AND you created an agenda for the last meeting in the series, Trackmeet prompts you to copy the last agenda.

That dialog is shown above.

Here, you’re shown a small preview of the agenda as well as the options to copy any checklists, notes or decisions you had.

Time saver? Oh yes.

Add Resources

We made a quick enhancement to resource collections that allows you to add multiple items directly from the resource title itself.


Just click on the “+” icon next to the resource title to add away. Saves a round trip down the blue FAB button at the bottom.


And finally, we spruced up tooltips to make them a little more modern. Hover over any element to take a look see.




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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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