2017 – New year, new stuff @ Trackmeet

2017 is the year of the rooster.


In addition to strutting around the office like the proud fowl we are, we’ve also kicked off 2017 with a series of product features that will leave you happy – happy that 2016 is done (that was a rough year, right?)

Native Apps

The most requested feature we’ve heard via email, chat and calls with y’all? Yep, that would be a mobile app.

So we listened.

And built it.

Out of the gate, our native apps do one thing well (and only one thing – for now) – record meeting audio.

app-calendar-list      app-record      app-playback

Using the Trackmeet Meeting Audio Recorder, you can record, playback and share recordings of your meetings. Connect your Google or Office 365 calendar, select a meeting and start recording! Once you’re done, you can email attendees your recording or share your audio. Did we mention that your audio automatically uploads to your Trackmeet agenda and is available right alongside your notes and action items? We sure did!

In time, we’ll add the ability to take notes and capture action items from within the app (for now, do these via the web client). See something we’re missing? Let us know.

Try them out – they’re available right now on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Browser-based Audio Recording

In addition to being able to record meeting audio via your phone, we’ve added browser based audio recording too.

Yep – tap on that handy little record button at the top of your agenda and POW! Audio recording from your default mic. This works on your desktop, tablet or mobile browser — just make sure your browser’s on the newish side (have an older version of IE? Sorry, you’re out of luck here)


Now, you might think audio recording by itself is a little ho-hum. “Uhhhh, OK. I’ve been able to record audio, for like, forever?!”

Trackmeet audio syncs to everything you do in your meeting. Capture an action item or decision? We’ll drop an icon onto the media player so you can seek to that exact point in the meeting. Oh yeah.


Try this out in your next meeting and see what you think.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve added meeting analytics to Trackmeet.

Based on the data we collect from your calendar, Trackmeet Analytics summarizes time spent in and out of meetings, the people you meet with and presents patterns so that you can gain a better understanding about time spent at work.


Curious what kind of patterns your calendar shows? Open Trackmeet right now and see.



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Darin Herle

I call Victoria BC home, am a proud father of 2 and husband to 1. Trackmeet co-founder, Cub Scout leader and baseball fan.

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