September Product Updates

Its back to school time, which means its back to work time for…


We pushed out some major updates to Trackmeet all.summer.long.

And we’re doing it again, but this time we’ve pushed out the biggest group of updates WE’VE EVER DONE. (Not that we’re boasting – we are Canadians after all)

New Dashboard


Login to Trackmeet and we drop you immediately into your dashboard where you can get a picture of your upcoming day – all your meetings and any action items you have coming due are shown center-screen. Select a meeting or action item to begin preparation or to follow up.

Connect your Google or Office 365 calendar to Trackmeet and we’ll show all of your meetings here! If you haven’t already done so, learn how to connect one.

Agenda Templates

Based on feedback from our users, we’ve added the ability to apply an agenda template to a meeting AND create an agenda template from an existing meeting.


As always, you can access a plethora of pre-built templates already defined in Trackmeet for your meeting pleasure.

Audio and Video

We’ve included a NEW media item you can add to your Trackmeet meetings! Just tap on the blue “+” button at the bottom of your agenda to add one or more video or audio clips inline!


Media is great for meeting recordings, podcasts, audible reports, instructional videos or silly cat montages.


Action Items

We’ve made a couple of changes to action items to make them easier to use and give assignees more visibility into when they’re due.


Action Items have been reduced to a single, inline element. In addition, we’ll show you any actions you have due today in your dashboard and timeline views.


Slack Bot

We love Slack and we know you do too – its the #1 way people around the world export data from Trackmeet.

If you have Slack connected to Trackmeet, we’ll push you a direct message with your day’s meeting schedule. From here, you can click on a meeting title to get a head start preparing for it.


Phew! Enough for the update – getting the team back to work…


August Product News

We’re excited to announce a number of additions we’ve made to Trackmeet this month!


We’ve included a NEW checklist item you can add to your agendas! Just tap on the blue “+” button at the bottom of your agenda to add it.


You can use the checklist to assign todo’s for meeting participants or simply as a guide for what to get done.. As you check items off, the progress indicator gives you some nice feedback around completion state. Give it a try in your next meeting!


Meeting analytics

We’ve added a weekly email that goes out to everyone who’s connected their Google or Office 365 calendar to Trackmeet. If you haven’t already done so, learn how to connect your calendar now.

Calendar already hooked up? Great, there’s nothing to do! You’ll receive this email automatically.

The email summarizes what you’ve done in meetings the previous week, and is designed to give everyone a sense for where their time is spent and with whom.


Live chat

Talk to us! We’re friendly. 🙂

Have a product question or stuck somewhere? Chat to us in real time to get a lightning fast answer. We’ve even been known to dispense Pokemon Go tips every now and then.


Owner information

Wondering who created that note or checklist?

Wonder no more – we’ve added owner information to all the content you add to meetings. Action items, decisions, notes, checklists and attachments – finally, you can figure out who added what!


Resource count

Last but certainly not least, we’ve added a resource count to agenda topics so that attendees can get a sense for what resides inside them! No more clicking around agenda topics to see what’s there – the resource count gives you a quick sense for what others have added.

For example, in the topic below, I’ve added 2 notes, a decision, an action item and 2 attachments.


Jumpstart your meetings with agenda templates

We hear you loud and clear.

If there’s one thing that people like about Trackmeet, its agenda templates.

So we added some. Twenty to be exact.

Taking a cue from Google Docs and Microsoft Office templates, we’ve endeavored to add as many sample agendas as possible to give you, our users, a head start when building your meetings. Select an agenda and GO!

Don’t like what we’ve got to offer? No problem! Build your own.

Here’s a full rundown of all the new templates we’ve included in Trackmeet…

General Business Meetings

Staff Meeting – Great starting point for that weekly update meeting with your team. Collaborate and get staff to build the agenda with you by adding their own topics and content.

Management Team – Trackmeet is well suited for capturing status and ensuring your management update meeting runs like clockwork. Have managers/VPs own a topic and provide a description/attach a summary of their week.

One to One – Track tasks and take notes from your manager-direct report 1:1s. Get direct reports to assemble an agenda in advance and then go through their topics together. Send a summary once complete.

Project Management

Project Kickoff – Set the tone and expectations around your project meetings right from the start

Project Planning – Use Trackmeet to manage meetings throughout the project lifecycle

Project Review – Another variation for project tracking

Project Summary – At the conclusion of your project, summarize everything and circle back to identify outcomes and learnings

Board Meetings

Formal Board Meeting – Formal topics for the most common board of directors meeting topics and tasks

Simple Board Meeting – Simple template for non-profit, community and smaller board of director meetings

Startup Board Meeting – Very specific set of topics that startup boards commonly follow when planning a board meeting with investors and stakeholders

PTA Board Meeting – Great starting point for Parent-Teacher Association meetings

Committee Meeting – A common set of topics and content for committee meetings

Human Resources Meetings

New Employee Orientation – Review everything new hires should know. Attach supporting documentation and take notes or action items.

Benefits Overview – Dedicate a specific meeting to go over company benefits. Attach forms and supporting information.

Exit Interview – Cover off the key elements when people leave your organization.


No Agenda – Just want to take notes or assign tasks? No problem.

HOA Council Meeting – Use this handy template to organize your HOA meeting, capture meeting minutes and assign action items for later followup.

Standard Order of Business – This is the classic set of topics as described by “Roberts Rules”.

Cross Functional Weekly Update – Meeting across teams? Use this template to facilitate discussion and content capture.

Strategic Planning Meeting – It can be super handy to have structure and a centralized workspace for your next strategy meeting. Collect thoughts, attachments and tasks for later distribution.


Something missing? Let us know and we’ll add it.

Jump into Trackmeet right now to start using these. Don’t have a free account yet? Sign up here.




July Enhancements

We’ve been working away for the past few weeks assembling what may be one of the largest releases we’ve done in recent memory. 🙂

Here’s a full break down of all the love we’ve poured into Trackmeet in July.

Custom Meeting Templates

Yes, you can now build your own templates. Add topics, include attendees, define owners and even add content.


When you go to create a Trackmeet meeting, we’ll pop up your templates to choose from.

Access templates via the hamburger menu.


New “System” Templates

Count ’em. We’ve added 20 new system templates to the template directory.


All of these are accessible when you go to create your meetings – just click on the “More” link to show them (just like Google Docs).


See any that we’re missing? Let us know.

“No Agenda” Template

We’ve updated the blank agenda template to, uh, really be… blank. Which means, no agenda.


You can add everything else – notes, action items, attachments and decisions. Perfect for meetings that don’t need as much structure.

Daily Preparation Email

We’ve added an email that summarizes all of your daily meetings (as read from your calendar, if you’ve connected it) that we deliver to you each morning. The email gives you a quick summary of your day, and lets you jump right into Trackmeet to start meeting preparation.


If you click on the “Open” button and someone else has created an agenda already, we’ll open it up for you. If you’re the first to access the Trackmeet meeting, we’ll prompt you to create an agenda.

Don’t like the email? Turn it off via Settings.

User Roles are self-administered

Another much requested enhancement is the ability for attendees to self-assign roles.

In this latest release, all meeting attendees are assigned the “Editor” role by default, which means everyone can edit the agenda. In addition, if an attendee wants to run the meeting, they can assign themselves the “Facilitator” role, which enables meeting controls (only visible to them and the organizer).

Attendees can create agendas

Related to permissions, lots of users wanted the ability for any attendee to create a Trackmeet meeting… so we did.

Even if you didn’t organize the underlying meeting in question, if you’re logged into Trackmeet, you can create a meeting agenda for it.

Integrated help

We’ve optimized the help experience to show you help content within the application itself.


You can browse, search or submit a help ticket directly from within the app without having to switch tabs – handy!

Access help via the hamburger menu.


One-Click Video Conferencing

Finally, we’ve integrated with Appear.In to offer you one-click, no-account-required video conferencing.

It just works.

Tap on the video icon at the top of your agenda to launch.


What are we missing? Contact us to tell us what you’d like to see added to Trackmeet.

Google Calendar and Office 365

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here: Trackmeet integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365!


You can pop open a day view on the left and add a Trackmeet agenda to your existing meetings! What’s more is that Trackmeet is fully synchronized with your calendar – add a meeting in Trackmeet and we’ll turn around and push it to your Google or Office 365 calendar.

Haven’t connected your calendar yet? Login and go to “Settings” and then “Integrations” to do so. (If you originally signed up with Google, you’ll see your calendar as soon as you login!)

Speaking of integrations, we’ve added an “Integrations” page under Settings to make it waaay easier to turn all of your integrations on and off (we’ll be adding more to this list soon):


In addition, we’ve added a getting started guide for new Trackmeet users. It’s perfect if you’re getting going and need to learn a few quick pointers. In addition, we’ve included a section dedicated to best practices we’ve picked up watching hundreds of people run meeting over the last few years.


Slack, Asana and Google Docs… Oh my!

We wanted to share the latest enhancements we’ve made to Trackmeet, based largely on the feedback we’ve gotten from you!

The largest improvement? Integrations with Slack, Asana and Google Docs.  You can now export meeting content to each of these tools.  Huge!


In addition:

  • When saving meeting details (time, location, attendees), Trackmeet prompts you to optionally send out a notification to attendees.  No more unwanted invitations.
  • Speaking of attendees, you can invite them to Trackmeet directly from within the app – super easy to pull in collaborators!


  • Also, when adding attendees, we’ll pull in your Google contacts as you type to autocomplete your invitation.  Very slick and what many users have expected.
  • We’ve added the ability export from individual resources – agenda, notes, action items, decisions or attachments.  Perfect for when you just want to export just a single item.


  • You can also export content directly from your meeting summary – just click on the down arrow next to your items



  • And lots of other small improvements and bug fixes.

Have any specific ideas for enhancements?  Contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

Trackmeet April Updates

We’ve heard from our users and there’s been a unanimous chorus to “tell us what you’ve been working on!”

So, here goes…

We’ve been heads down working on stuff everyone’s asked for.  These include:

  • Agenda templates.
    • This is our first visual take on “canned” templates you can use to build meetings from.  In time, we’ll expand this list and include the ability for you to create your own!


  • Meeting Summary.
    • We’ve built the first iteration of a summary that appears when you finish your meeting.  It gives you a nice sense of what you’ve accomplished.  Later enhancements here will include the ability to “do” something with all the content you’ve created (copy, export to DOCX, push to integration, etc.)


  • Decisions
    • Previous versions of Trackmeet didn’t include a “Decision” type.  Based on feedback, we’ve added it!  The thinking here is that you can explicitly identify a decision you intend to make in the meeting, and then answer it.  Once your meeting completes, you can view/export all the decisions you’ve made.


  • Mobile
    • Trackmeet is fully responsive now and will work on any device, using any modern browser!

We’re actively working away and hope to introduce our first integrations shortly (think Evernote, Slack, Google Docs, etc.), calendaring via Google Calendar or Outlook 365 and a whole slew of new stuff!